Masculinity is

It’s a topic that doesn’t go unspoken,

but what has awoken in us,

we need to make a fuss—about.

This isn’t to tout or flout how good we are.
It’s to shout and call out what we see afar:
And that’s a reality of brutality,
that will come to actuality if we don’t look at this in its totality,
and continue to stand in some bullshit neutrality.

Because the mentality of masculinity,

is approaching the vicinity,

of being broken beyond recovery,

The self-development industry makes billions every year, teaching men to breathe through, chase after, meditate on what they fear.

Because every practice — from breathwork to meditation, to entrepreneurship and affirmations,

are all more doors that lead us astray, because we have opened every one of those and have never found the way.

But the more we try to open these doors, the more we’re trying to hide away from the scariest reality, which is to feel ourselves, be ourselves, in our truest personality.

Today, men don’t allow themselves to feel,

  • How many suicides
  • and depressive episodes
  • show this is factually real?
  • Because men actually have
  • no idea how much of their
  • emotions they conceal.

But this isn’t their fault.

As men, we’ve been taught that the more that we reveal,

the more repeal with which we will have to deal

from a society that expects us never to unveil our emotions.

So we go through the fucking motions.
We continue to pretend that we are alright,
That we have all the might to fight the good fight,
pushing our feelings out of sight.

Because we’ve been led to believe that being stoic in the face of vulnerability will give us the ability to mask our fragility and fallibility.

We’ve been conditioned to conflate

with utility and nobility,

believing that living from this place creates some form of internal tranquility.

But you be the judge:

How has that fucking worked out for us?

What sort of world has

Pushed by pain actually built?

The truth is, masculinity is broken. Men all around the world are still hurting.

Generations on generations of men are still hurting. And this is what we're here too change.

Because beneath

the bullshit beliefs

Bombarding men today,

Saying you need to

Stray away from feeling what you may,

there is an undeniable truth that we promise never to betray,

and that’s that every single man deserves love in every way.

And that’s what we
stand for at SFC.
To be the change
that will set men free.

To choose to love
every man unconditionally,
When what we see is
the real divinity is in femininity.
Because we’re here to
end generational trauma,

And commence
generational light.
This, we believe, is the
good fight to fight.

We refuse to flee and run from what we see.

We're here to heal masculinity.

Remember our name,
we are SFC.

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