High-Achiever Syndrome: What to Do About It

Do you spend a lot of your life trying to ‘achieve’ something, and then feeling crap when you don’t or even when you procrastinate? 

Are you spending your life trying to take action (or not enough action) to achieve more in your life?

No pain, no gain, right? 

Get stuff done, hustle, and create. 

Where are you compared to your peers? 

Why aren’t you ‘there’ already?

What do you need to do to become the man you dream of becoming?

And—spoiler alert—it’s all kinda bull$h!t 😬😬😬.

Check out the less than 10-minute video I posted for you to get to the ROOT of why no matter how much you achieve, create, contribute, or make an impact, following this way of life will never lead you to fulfil your true potential and actually achieve what you’re capable of achieving.


Go for it. 10 minutes, if you’re a high achiever, will help you save 10 years of your life. 

You’re welcome 🙂


Dante from Team SFC