Our Story

Everyone talks about it, but how do you actually love and trust yourself?

How do you become a man of peace?

Not just a man of pain and suffering?

This is the first time in human history that we've been able to run complete experiments on all the spiritual truths and traditions. Because of the internet this is the FIRST time we can buy and read all the texts + all the modalities of spirituality and inner work. 

Back when our old mate Lao Tzu, Buddha and Jesus were kicking it about, they didn't have access to each other's split tests of inner peace and wisdom. 

What happens when you get a CFO, a bikie, a musician, an engineer, a former med student and a couple of tech entrepreneurs into a room and we go and split test every single different aspect of inner work?

We've split tested all modalities...meditation, cold showers, breathwork and all kinds of therapies across ourselves and thousands of men and women to let the experiement run and iterate until we could create the kind of technology that you can use to feel, heal and truly live a life of inner peace...just being yourself.

We treat this like a technology, iterating as fast as we can and we're really here to take the 'woo woo' out of spirituality and help to hopefully transition spirituality, inner work and inner peace...into a science

After working with over 1,500 men at our programs across Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Brisbane, and Newcastle, and 300+ men of character in our brotherhood—Spiritual Fight Club was born.

Not only that, a superhero named Dynas, (who came in through a scholarship in 2019 to the King's Experience) in 2021 became the incredible CEO, leader, and Head Teacher he is today.

And now, we work with men of character, looking to step into a relationship of complete unconditional love and trust with themselves and become the Kings in their lives so they can serve the world, be their authentic selves, and fulfill their purpose. 

Welcome to Spiritual Fight Club, a place for men of character looking to make their and the world a better place for everyone—and actually doing something about it 💪.



CEO & Co-founder - Leadership & People Savant - RAINBOW BELT FACILITATOR IN THE WORK

Dynas has been an entrepreneur for almost a decade and has had an incredible ride in his journey so far. Finding Matt after a decade-plus of being in pain and 'burnt-out' from his businesses, Dynas is now a Jedi of the work, who can be with men at all ages and all experience levels, and help them move forward in life. The amount that Dynas cares about humanity and service is unparalleled.

Dynas likes to annoy Matt in his spare time and also holds a brown belt in BJJ. This is remarkably handy as putting Matt in a Guillotine Choke is a great way to calm him down.



After living in 6 different countries and spending 15+ years in the corporate tech industry, Prav has found his true calling in SFC. Dedicated to living with love and service, Prav, as the COO, is responsible for the day to day operations of the organization. Prav is a Northern Beaches local and loves open water swimming and long runs up North Head.


Co-founder - General Manager - BLACK BELT FACILITATOR IN THE WORK

From musician to facilitator in a matter of months, Sam has risen through the ranks since attending his first Spiritual Fight Club event in early 2021. Bringing splashes of colour and his sparkly pink shoes, Sam wears many hats in the organisation—but you’ll still find him singing his heart out to Whitney Houston.


Head of Growth & Co-Founder - Business Savant - RAINBOW BELT FACILITATOR IN THE WORK

After starting his first business at 13, then a tech company at 19, selling it at 25 in 2017 (what a show-off), and helping many others do the same, Dante has been working with SFC ever since. An all-around business, communication, and relationship genius, Dante is an asset at every level of the company. 

He often gets stuck in multi-hour conversations with relative strangers because of his unparalleled commitment to other people and service. Also, we're not allowed to make any jokes about Dante because his ‘inner’ little boy gets pouty—so move along.



As the CFO of a hundred million+ business in his "spare-time", Ian has been working with SFC since 2019. A gigantic stand for the work, the level of depth and compassion he shows in his facilitation is peerless and he is a true asset for all our clients who have the privilege of working with him. 

The amount of men that Ian has personally held through some of life’s deepest tragedies is awe-inspiring. His love for humanity, his humility, and his heart for service makes us all melt. 

As the elder statesmen/uncle of the company, Ian is often tasked with calming us all down when we start getting too excited.


Co-founder - Co-Head Of facilitation - BLACK BELT FACILITATOR IN THE WORK

Trent grew up at the foot of the blue mountains after flocking from a small country town 6 hours away. He spent most of his time in the Riff or Mounty County where he had to become street smart real quick. He learnt his loving nature and service from his mother. As a teenager, he learnt what taking care of business and brotherhood and its importance as a man from his father (being in the largest motorcycle club in the world) until he tragically lost his life.

After many years of searching for the meaning of life, Trent found SFC and went headfirst into the work.

When Trent ain't healing masculinity you will find him with a leg over his bike or talking to men about the importance of brotherhood and self-love.


Co-founder - Head of Brand & Media - BLUE BELT FACILITATOR IN THE WORK

James is a serial entrepreneur and is disproportionately in love with business and writing words (that rhyme). Having been a contributing writer on Forbes on startups; a talking head on CNBC, Sky & ABC on tech; and a brand advisor to 8+ figure companies, James’ favourite word is leverage.

With SFC, he believes love is the most powerful fifth form of leverage.

In his previous life, James has interviewed high performers from companies such as Nickelodeon, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Canva, Dropbox, Microsoft, New York Knicks, NBC & NYT Bestsellers on business, soul purposes, and advice they’d give to their 21-year-old self.

You’ll otherwise find James writing rhyming couplets and alliterative triplets (and performing them at the odd open mic).


Chief of Staff

Clare is a dynamic and enthusiastic part of the team who works remotely as a Virtual Assistant. Clare joined the team to help Matt move towards his dream without having to worry about the administrative details. Now, she is a valuable member of the thriving team and provides a feminine contact point for the team and clients alike. She appreciates sarcasm, dad jokes, and indoor plants and creates art in her spare time to make the world more beautiful.



Growing up with three older brothers, Daniel was always a bit of a black sheep of the family. Watching his dad create a business of over 50 employees, he was inspired to learn more about business and started developing a passion for it.

With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Daniel has done over 100 online marketing courses and is mentored by 8-figure entrepreneurs.

Daniel is not just another marketer, his strategic mind has awarded him the title of "Growth Hacker" and has been hired by companies such as NewsCorp, HCF, Club NSW, and QANTAS to consult on how to accelerate businesses.

Daniel's values of integrity and determination to be the best is what really makes him one of the hardest and smartest working marketers in the industry.



From attending his first SFC program in 2019, Aron has gone on to become one of the dedicated. 

After spending his early twenties desperately looking for meaning and purpose in his life—whether it was in Pick-Up Artist circles, or other dark Spiritual shenanigans—Aron has found peace and inner love that he did not think was possible prior to the work.

Aron is deeply passionate about spreading the work to as many men and women as possible and empowering them to become the superheroes in their life they were always destined to be.



Rod is the founder of The Movement Collective in Newcastle, his life and business is built around having the best time, always developing his art of movement and sharing this love with the world. 

The Work and SFC has given Rod a skill set that was missing in his life, he is now able to love and support people both in the physical and spiritual realms. Rod loves nothing more than celebrating the wins of the people around him, he will be more excited for you than you are of yourself. Always there to guide you and to stand with you even in your darkest times. 

Rod mission is to integrate the work and movement to change the way you live in this world.



Having been with SFC since 2020, Sam is humbled to have the opportunity to be a stand for men all over the world, supporting them in their own quest towards inner peace. 

A proud dad to baby Max and husband to Patricia, Sam brings a calm, loving, dad energy to facilitation. 

Outside of SFC, Sam is a Divisional Director at one of Australia’s premier recruitment companies. A textbook ‘high achiever’, prior to finding SFC he used pain and suffering (as fossil fuel) to drive high performance, leading to panic attacks and burnout. Now, high performance is fuelled on nothing but love (renewable!) and embodied in service.