How do we help men go from inner wolds of suffering to living from a place of total unconditional love, trust, and peace within themselves and those around them?

It's a journey. It's an exciting adventure. A real-life video game (finally).


Level 1
Justin Liang
Justin Liang

- Founder @Inspace
- Forbes 30 Under 30 2020

- LinkedIn

"Through SFC's technology, I became the truest version of myself, which is just peace and service all the way. As an entrepreneur, I’ve found exponentials in my leadership, relationships and operational effectiveness that's transformed both my organisation's trajectory and my own life."

Louka Parry
Louka Parry

- Founder @The Learning Future
- Education Futurist
- LinkedIn

"This is the deepest inner work that anyone could do and it has clarified my ability to powerfully choose everything in my life and work. It has helped to grow my character and find my own path of contribution at scale. Now I live in the present, fully self-expressed as who I truly am." 

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In this 3-day experience, we create a space where you experience life fully as the King—no notes, no tactics, no frameworks, no bullcrap... all FELT experience.

It's like a sober psychedelic trip you'll never forget! 🤯

We train you in the technology to heal the ROOT of the parts of you you've been struggling with your entire life.

As you do that, you then start experiencing yourself as the 'King' in your own life. You experience viscerally—as a felt experience—what life is like living from a place of unconditional love and trust within yourself.

There is NOTHING on the planet as powerful as this program.

For many men, the most important days in their lives are:

1.   The day they got married;

2.   The day their child was born; and

3.   The day they met and experienced themselves fully as the King of love, service and character in their lives.

The men you'll experience this program with—you will form bonds that are deeper than most 10-year+ relationships in your life. Every group we set you up in is hand-curated so that you experience 'wow' moments for the connections you form.

We have most men from the experience still running weekly events without fail with their King's Experience crew (of their own volition), doing the work with each other so they can love themselves and the people in their lives even more—even after 2 years on.

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Have you ever gone to the gym with a personal trainer? Felt amazing, right?

Crushed it!

But then... the next week comes. And it's time to do it on your own.

But it doesn't feel the same way it did just a week ago.

How many personal development programs have you done where you jump up and down, pump your state but then the same thing happens. Weeks go by and you're better, but still not complete.

Similarly, on Tuesday after your King's Experience, you get an email from a client or your boss with bad news about your pay or contract.

Bet some things are going to come up for you, hey?

Try living from that place of unconditional love and trust now. 😂

And that's why we've solved it. Because you can feel great for three days, but how do you apply those to the rest of your life?
Embodiment is King, everything else is bullcrap.

That's why we have the Embody The King (ETK) program.

For five weeks after your King's Experience, you and your new brothers get trained in the ETK Bootcamp, week on week, with a facilitator to go deeper into the technology. You'll start embedding the work into your daily life so you know with the unequivocal evidence you can live from that place every. single. day in your OWN life.

SFC Program Icons_B


Brotherhood is the key. For men, especially. Why?

Group masculine accountability changes everything. Your environment calls into being who you are.

If most of your environment loves eating unhealthy food and you don't have the tools, education and commitment to eat healthy, at some point, you will start lowering your standards based on your environment.

The opposite is true, as well. With unbelievable men of character around you on speed dial, your life changes. Men who are equipped with the tools, education and most importantly, the embodied energy of the King of unconditional love, trust and bravery, so you can become your authentic self around them.

Because your brothers have spiritually and emotionally journeyed with you, they've truly seen who you are.

And therefore, they, each and every day, call you toward the highest form of yourself.

+   To use the technology to love and trust yourself unconditionally.

+   To be there for those around you as the King of character you are.

+   To unlock more and more wisdom inside yourself every day.

+   To simply be YOURself.

All are self-generated—we see men creating daily and weekly events, Zoom calls, and daily calls with their Kingsman and others.

All these lead to these men going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of themselves, bringing out more and more wisdom, character, and gold for all those they care about.

Hearing the impact from their partners and families in their life is why we do what we do.

SFC Program Icons_H


HOME is a three-day, in-person, festival-like experience at a beautiful location an hour out of Sydney, where our whole brotherhood gets to come together, sit around campfires, connect,t and go even deeper in the work... while having the damn best time doing it.

Having members of our brotherhood be well-known DJs, Butchers, Chefs, and Musicians, as well as Yoga, Meditation, Holotropic Breathing Instructors, and many more—the brotherhood comes together once a year with all our talents to create something magical.

Only men who have been doing the inner work on themselves for at least three months and completed their King's Experience and Embody The King programs are there. Therefore, we get to take the masculinity, character, and wisdom of our community to even deeper levels, without having to slow down for beginners just starting to build the depth of relationship with their own selves.

The work and technology evolves and innovates rapidly as we continue to split test it across more and more men, as well as amazing women and unicorns in our Divine Feminine Experience.

So at HOME, we get the opportunity to give all our community the spiritual and emotional firmware upgrade of the technology so they can go serve and love their communities even more.

We do this so that they can live lives where it's not about them and finally be the Kings of Service and Peace they've always dreamed of, where they can serve the feminine as the true Heroines that they are, where they can serve all those in their lives and fulfill their individual purpose and dreams for a better world, as well as their authentic selves.

Level 2
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Info Box

Level 2 - Blue Belt Training is the most intensive and powerful men's program that exists on the planet, bar none.

Because of that, it's invite-only.

Danny - 5
Daniel Hersee

"The impact Level 2 has had on not just my life, but everyone around me, is phenomenal. That single week was a line in the sand of where I found my true passion, purpose, and joy. Things have opened up since L2 that I could never have imagined. I'm having a baby! I'm helping my family heal and come together, my business is stepping into all new territory... and it's because of this program. thank you!"

Jamie F
Jamie Francis

"There is an undeniable change in who I was before and after L2. I didn't know what I didn't know—about myself and the potential of my own masculinity—before L2. Going so deep with myself to build genuine relationships with my parts is indescribable. To do it with men I now unequivocally get to call my brothers for life is invaluable. This will forever be one of the most defining inflection points in my life."

On just day 3 of the 7-day, in-person program in the gorgeous idyllic location looking over the water, 100% of the participants said this was the most transformative program they'd been to, bar none.

The adventure opens us up, allows us to feel, and gives us the space internally to be able to powerfully choose what we want from life with our mind as an ally, rather than an enemy. Learning to live from a place of unconditional love and trust, to start to live in truth, love, and service with our Kingdom, and step into our life as The King.

The Adventure is Level One, where you embody being the King internally.


This is about being a capital 'K' King in the EXTERNAL world, not just your internal world.

Level One is like getting your P-plates. Level Two is about parking that car... and then learning how to teleport.

The impact of Level Two makes Level One look like child's play.

Level Two is our most powerful program because it's about bringing you what all true Kings deserve when they have finished their quest: peace.

Level Two is about completing the internal work to a level where you never need to do another self-help program again, because you found what we're all looking for: complete and unconditional love and peace. And you're so strong in your self-belief that the world can't mess with you.

Level two is our most powerful program

Because it's
you what
all true
when they
their quest:

Level Two is about completing the internal work to a level where you never need to do another self-help program again, because you found what we're all looking for: complete and unconditional love and peace. And you're so strong in your self-belief that the world can't mess with you.

There are no more programs after this. This is it.

The program is three months long and is broken up into four phases.



+ Going to the bottom of your Kingdom



+ A gorgeous location

+ In-house chef preparing every meal

+ 24/7 on-site facilitators

+ and so much fun 🙂



+ Re-integration, embodiment, and leveling up back in the world


Re-do the King's Experience, but now as a Blue Belt. It's magic. You won't believe how far you've come. You've always known there was something more to life... now you can FEEL it.

(must have completed The King's Experience)