10. A BIG moment for SFC, and Advice for Entrepreneurs

A before and after moment for SFC as they host their first women’s program in two years. Matt and Dainis also deep dive into their lives as entrepreneurs and share what they have learned along the way!

9. Decentralisation, The Buddha, Jesus and embodying a life of love

A lockdown edition of the podcast, Matt and Dainis talk about the importance of adaptation as a business owner and what is coming in the future. Can we change it if we listen to the TEACHINGS of the Buddha and Jesus? What if we had more than one life?

8. Teacher Takedown 2 – Sam Harris, Tony Robbins, Jordan Peterson

What is the magic box? Matt and Dainis takedown the teachings of these 3 masculine spiritual teachers with one split test.

7. Teacher Takedown 1 – Eckhart Tolle

A brief history of SFC, creating mixed spiritual arts and the FIRST teacher takedown of a masculine spiritual teacher as Matt and Dainis discuss where Eckhart Tolle’s teachings fall down.

6. The Hardest Year of Matt’s Life

From running the entire business by himself, to a trip to America that put the company in the negative, a heartfelt letter to a man who found peace after experiencing evil, and a life changing moment from a teacher, 2020 was one big year!

5. Culture Vs Civilisation pt. 1

Why is masculinity broken? What causes civilisation to break? Matt and Dainis discuss the importance of multi-perspective history as they step towards generational light and stories of hope. 

4. Pre-Fight Hype

Matt and Dainis announce the contenders for the official first round of SFC, setting the groundwork for what’s to come and what is expected as they prep for the spiritual octagon!

3. Truth

“Truth isn’t something that is said, truth is something that you be!” Matt and Dainis talk about liberation, bravery and a new standard of men!

2. Why Tony Robbins, Jordan Peterson & Eckart Tolle Are Spiritually Stuck

Matt and Dainis, together with guest and client Nick Kenny, explore why Tony Robbins, Jordan Peterson & Eckart Tolle Are spiritually stuck, and what you can learn from it.

1. The Live Feed – Pilot

Pilot – First episode featuring Matt and Dainis talking in a relaxed and informal way to discuss the new podcast format.

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